Wesley Sneijder

Soccer player

Grande Wesley vieni al Doria?
What was the one mistake you made when you were young that you had to overcome to become successful?
Will champions league 2010 and internazionale FC have special place in your heart?
Are you really a fan of Milan?
Forza Inter
hello,i am your fans and i want to know all about you.there are some questions to ask,what is the most memorable game of your caareer? who is your favorite partner? what is the most important job skill sharing in your sporting event?
Wesley,do you liked lzmir while you're coming for match?And do you think to come to lzmir again but not for football?
wesley,do you liked lzmir while you're coming for match?and do you think to come to lzmir again but
not for football?
Stefano Maruffi
Ti faccio una domanda che ho già posto ad Eto'o, cosa ti ha chiesto tatticamente Mourinho prima di Inter Barcellona del 2010? Cosa ricordi di quel doppio confronto?
eFanswer 12/01/2018
Hector Aguila
vendria al toluca en mexico?
Hector Aguila
cual es su equipo de nfl
Hector Aguila
deje el galatasaray, ya es hora de otro equipo
Natasa Yıldır
Wesley, some people can't say to your surname so I'm angry. And you? Also I think everybody can say "Sneijder".
Natasa Yıldır
Wesley, do you liked Izmir while you're coming for match? And do you think to come to Izmir again but not for football?
Natasa Yıldır
Hi Wesley! I love you so much since you came to Galatasaray, you're the best footballer in the world! And I wanna say to your eyes're so beautiful
Come è nata la tua passione per il calcio e la tua carriera?
Come on give me an answer. Why don't you answer?
When will we read your biography?
Still waiting your answers love you so much big captain
Azat Tetik
Seni çok seviyorum Wesley.!
tek hayalim bir forma ve bir tane eşime yüzük almak seni çok seviyorum tekrar.
Burda bunu okuyan arkadaşlara da sesleniyorum durumu olan yardım edebilirseniz sevinirim hesap numarası:
şube kodu ; 1089
Hesap Numarası ;1012483
francesca fermi
When can i read your biography? I look forward reading it.. i hope soon.. kisses ♡
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Wesley Sneijder

One of the most talented footballers in the world, according to Marco Van Basten “the best midfielder that the Nederlands ever had”.

Wesley Sneijder was born in Utrecht in 1984 and grew up in the Ajax football team. After 5 years he reaches the team leadership, in 2007 he moves to Real Madrid where he becomes advanced midfielder thanks to a close to lethal kick and to his talent as an assist man. In the summer of 2009 he moves to Milan in the Inter football club where he chalks up one exceptional performance after the other reaching the “triplete” with the team coached by José Mourinho. Today he plays for the Turkish team Galatasaray and he is one of the pillars of the Nederland National Football Club with which he arrived second in the 2010 World Cup.

Married to the model Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen since 2009, he has a kid, Jessey, born form a previous marriage and a brother, Rodney, professional footballer. In 2008 Wesley prevented his brother Rodney form joining Real Madrid despite the interest showed by the team. Why? He was too young and he would have burned his career.

We can say he is a leader both outside and inside the field: a real champion.