Can I change my personal profile?

Of course! From the top right menu select "Settings" and you're done.

Can I add / edit a personal photo?

From the Settings menu you can change all your personal information and image when you want. Drag the desired photo in the dashed box and hit Save.

I can not access the platform, what can I do?

Have you already tried to recover your password using "Retrieve password"? Try and if it does not work please send a private message to info@efanswer.com


I do not understand what FASK means?

FASK is the questions that fans can ask their favourite Celebrities. The word comes from the combination of two words "fan" and "ask": the question of the fan.

?and Fanswer?

FANSWER is the answers that the stars give to their fans. The word comes from the combination of two words "fan" and "answer": the answer for the fan.

FASK How many do I have?

Every member of the platform gets 9 FASK a week. You can get an extra FASK every 1.000 Starpoints earned.In your personal profile you can see the number of FASK available.

But can you choose to which celebrity allocate new FASK?

Certainly, you choose to whom to address the questions.

Can I add a comment to someone else?s FASK?

Sure, you'll have the opportunity to have your say on questions of other members and to express your liking putting your ?up? (like).

Can I add a comment to the Star?s FANSWERS and news?

Yes, any celebrity?s post can be commented and shared.

Why doesn't the Celebrity answer my FASK?

There are many applications submitted to the Star therefore only the most original and interesting ones will be considered.

Who decides the Top FASK?

The Celebrity!

eStarBook ABOUT

What is eStarBook?

The eStarBook is a UNIQUE and ORIGINAL e-book dedicated to each Celebrity, a new way of understanding their biography and rich in multimedia unpublished content. Each eStarBook consists of the best users? FASK and its FANSWER.

I want my FASK to appear in the e-Book of the Celebrity, how can I do that?

Think about an interesting and original FASK to be addressed to the Celebrity. The best will be published in the eBook.

Who chooses the eBook FASK?

Each Celebrity will select the best FASK.

Where can I buy the books?

On all online store. The list of stores will be communicated once the first publication is available.


What are the Starpoints?

These are the points that each user can earn through actions such as like (Up), comments, and if you receive a response from Celebrity.

How many Starpoints do you need to receive a new FASK?

Every 1.000 Starpoints earned you will receive a FASK.

How do I collect Starpoints?

All interaction with the platform gives you Starpoints, every action has a score:

The Up (little star) 10 Starpoints
Comments 50 Starpoints
Fanswer received 200 Starpoints