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Teramo, IT

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Giorgio Chiellini

Giorgio was raised in Livorno were his family still lives. He has a sister and a twin brother, Claudio (today his agent). As a kid he dreamed of playing basketball since he was a great fan of the Lakers and of Kobe Bryant. He earned a diploma (92/100) in scientific studies at the "Federigo Enriques” High School and on July 16th, 2010 he graduated in Business Studies at the University of Torino with a final grade of 109/110. His thesis was on a sport society balance sheet, with a faint reference to Juventus.

He started as a left-back then, during his career, he became central defender, today he also plays as central left with a 3 people defense. Among his features 3 stand out: physical strength, vertical takeoff and aggressiveness. In 2012 the Guardian classified him as the 50th strongest footballer.


Samuel Eto'o

Samuel Eto’o, 34 years old is a striker for Antalyaspor and Camerun. He starts as a teen in Real Madrid and from there his career takes wing. He plays for Maiorca, Barcelona, Inter, Anzhi, Chelsea, Everton and finally for Sampdoria. A football globetrotting life that brought him to win: 3 champion’s league, one intercontinental cup, one Club World Championship, 4 national championships (3 in Spain and 1 in Italy), 4 national cups (2 in Spain and 2 in Italy) and 3 national supercups (2 in Spain and 1 in Italy). With the Camerun jersey, team of which he is capitain, he won 2 African Cup and an Olimpic Gold medal at Sydney’s 2000 olimpic games. Moreover he is all-time’s Top goal-scorer of Camerun’s national team with 56 goals in 118 games as well as African’s Cup Top goal-scorer with 18 goals. He has also been awarded 4 times best African footballer of the year.



Se gli piaci troppo è perché non ti hanno capito”, scrive Federico Leonardo Lucia, 26 anni, in arte Fedez: condannato al successo e consapevole che per lui il successo è anche una condanna. Perché se esiste una Penisola che non c'è, allora anche un rapper di Buccinasco può diventare una star dell'hip-hop da oltre un milione di dischi venduti e 19 dischi di platino. Un fenomeno assoluto nato su YouTube, interprete più o meno consapevole della verve sociale dell'eduteinment di Krs One in salsa tricolore, con quel sarcasmo dissacrante che lo ha reso un mostro sacro della rima simmetrica.

Un rapsodo moderno capace di calarsi nei panni televisivi di giudice di "X-Factor" – un po' come quando Superman si trasforma in Clark Kent – portando al successo Lorenzo Fragola nel 2014 e in finale gli Urban Strangers nel 2015. E poi una casa di produzione musicale con J-Ax (amico e collega), duelli social con personaggi politici e dello spettacolo, un passato al liceo artistico forse riflesso anche nei mille tatuaggi che si porta addosso. Mille come i successi e le ferite: come tutti noi, perché per quanto parli tanto in rima, la prosa sulla sua vita è ancora piena di quesiti irrisolti per i suoi fans. Ma non quelli banali, come il numero di dischi fatti, le prime collaborazioni, i singoli più ascoltati: per queste morbosità da tecnocrate andate su wikipedia. Se volete invece delle risposte a domande originali, fate delle “fask” e scrivetele su efanswer. Adesso, sulla piattaforma, a rispondere ci sarà quel “Coso Dipinto” che rappa con l'anima tra i denti: Fedez.


Claudio Marchisio

A life in black and white, the one of Claudio Marchisio. Thirty years under the symbol of the "Vecchia Signora" (the Old Lady) and also his father Stefano, who dotes for a Juventus like the one of Platini and Scirea. And who knows if at 7 years old, when he entered the juvenile team of Juventus, Claudio thought he could become like them. Twenty years later, more or less, the number 8 is one of the black and white flags that is rebuilding, to the sound of record, their supremacy in Italian soccer. And to think that it all started in 2006 in the Serie B.

Juventus after Calciopoli had to rebuild and it leaned on the little starts of its nursery. Claudio, already a pillar in the juveniles, contributed in bringing Juve back where it deserved and – after a season playing for Empoli – he came back to become the heart of the pebble crushing, black and white machine. After three years of setting in (encouraged by his first goal in Serie A, his debut in the Champions League and in National league) the wins started to come, one after the other. Then there was the bitter-sweet final of Champions (2015) and already recognized status as world cup-level midfielder. But who is Claudio Marchisio? He is the Little Prince, nicknamed by his teammates for his elegance outside the field, or is it because he’s Sunday’s fierce warrior? The affectionate husband and father that we see on social media or the guy with the bright ice eyes that makes the hearts of his fans beat hard? Or maybe a little bit of everything. The best way to find out is asking him directly here, on eFanswer: Claudio is waiting for your fask!


Wesley Sneijder

One of the most talented footballers in the world, according to Marco Van Basten “the best midfielder that the Nederlands ever had”.

Wesley Sneijder was born in Utrecht in 1984 and grew up in the Ajax football team. After 5 years he reaches the team leadership, in 2007 he moves to Real Madrid where he becomes advanced midfielder thanks to a close to lethal kick and to his talent as an assist man. In the summer of 2009 he moves to Milan in the Inter football club where he chalks up one exceptional performance after the other reaching the “triplete” with the team coached by José Mourinho. Today he plays for the Turkish team Galatasaray and he is one of the pillars of the Nederland National Football Club with which he arrived second in the 2010 World Cup.

Married to the model Yolanthe Cabau Van Kasbergen since 2009, he has a kid, Jessey, born form a previous marriage and a brother, Rodney, professional footballer. In 2008 Wesley prevented his brother Rodney form joining Real Madrid despite the interest showed by the team. Why? He was too young and he would have burned his career.

We can say he is a leader both outside and inside the field: a real champion.