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Claudio Marchisio

A life in black and white, the one of Claudio Marchisio. Thirty years under the symbol of the "Vecchia Signora" (the Old Lady) and also his father Stefano, who dotes for a Juventus like the one of Platini and Scirea. And who knows if at 7 years old, when he entered the juvenile team of Juventus, Claudio thought he could become like them. Twenty years later, more or less, the number 8 is one of the black and white flags that is rebuilding, to the sound of record, their supremacy in Italian soccer. And to think that it all started in 2006 in the Serie B.

Juventus after Calciopoli had to rebuild and it leaned on the little starts of its nursery. Claudio, already a pillar in the juveniles, contributed in bringing Juve back where it deserved and – after a season playing for Empoli – he came back to become the heart of the pebble crushing, black and white machine. After three years of setting in (encouraged by his first goal in Serie A, his debut in the Champions League and in National league) the wins started to come, one after the other. Then there was the bitter-sweet final of Champions (2015) and already recognized status as world cup-level midfielder. But who is Claudio Marchisio? He is the Little Prince, nicknamed by his teammates for his elegance outside the field, or is it because he’s Sunday’s fierce warrior? The affectionate husband and father that we see on social media or the guy with the bright ice eyes that makes the hearts of his fans beat hard? Or maybe a little bit of everything. The best way to find out is asking him directly here, on eFanswer: Claudio is waiting for your fask!