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Efanswer Presents:
50 Days of Fasks

We, at eFanswer, love your Fask! We love them so much that we decided to pick the best 50 to give you a unique experience through the eyes of our stars and their fans! It wasn’t easy to choose the 50 best. We wanted to feature 100, 150, 200 amazing questions, but is limited!

So here are our stars, presenting themselves and sharing their stories. 50 Fask for 50 days! Enjoy and stay tuned with eFanswer!


How did eFanswer helped your relationship with your fans?

I’m lucky enough to have a great community of fans following me on every channel. eFanwers has been a great experience both for me and for them and a unique way to make us feel loser. So yes, thanks to eFanswer I definitely feel closer to my fans.
Giorgio Chiellini


Pick three words to describe your career

Faith: I’m a great believer in God.
Family: it the love that push me to fight everyday.
Perseverance: my sacrifice and determination in my work.

Samuel Eto'o


At the end of your career, will you become a coach?

When I’m done, I would certainly like to stay in the world of football. This sport is my life. Becoming a coach would be the best solution, but for the time being I prefer to not think about it.
Wesley Sneijder


Which National Team Would You Like To Face On Your Last Match With Holland?

In the course of my career I have had the honor to play against all of the best national teams in the world. If I have to choose, though, I’d say Germany. Truly a great team.
Wesley Sneijder


In 2010 you had a great season at Inter Milan, do you think you deserved to win ballon d’or?

I had played the best season of my career and so I expected it a little. Everyone talked about it. A part from that, I was able to win everything with Inter (championship, Coppa Italia and Champions League) and get to the World Cup final with Holland, moreover, as one of the top scorers of the tournament. That said, in my opinion, personal trophies come after team trophies.
Wesley Sneijder


What Is, So Far, The Most Beautiful Moment That You Have experienced at Galatasaray?

Certainly when we won the 20th title in the history of the club. It was nice to be able to give the fourth star to our fans.
Wesley Sneijder


If you decide to return to play in holland, in which club would you like to play?

I grew up in the Ajax Academy and, always with the lancers, I made my debut as a professional. I think it would be a very easy choice: I would return there.
Wesley Sneijder


Which are the three most exciting matches you have played?

Impossible not to mention the world cup final and that of the Champions League. Absolutely the most emotional games of my career. Choosing a third one is not easy. I have played big derbies: ajax-feyenoord, Inter Milan - AC Milan, galatasaray- fenerbahçe and let’s not forget the clasico in spain, a challenge with a unique flavor.
Wesley Sneijder


Who is the strongest player in the history?

In my opinion, without any doubt, Johan Cruijff. Now he’s no longer here, but thanks to him Holland was able to have a place of prominence in the map of world football. I don’t think I’m wrong when I say he invented Holland’s football. I think that even in two hundred years my compatriots will still remember him. Not only for what he did as a football player, but also as a man.
Wesley Sneijder


What percent of your social media followers are your friends in real life?

My real friends are not many. Personally, social networks don’t have a direct connection with friendship. Rather, they are a great tool to be able to communicate with my fans. Fans are an important piece of my life and I’m thankful to them for always supporting me. Naturally it is impossible to have a different relationship with each one of them and it’s actually here where social networks come into play.
Wesley Sneijder


What is the most difficult part about being a father?

Because of my job, I’m compelled to travel a lot. Being away from your children, when you know they would like you to be home, in some cases can be very complicated
Wesley Sneijder.


You love your wife very much. Do you think this may be the secret of your success?

Yolanthe is the most important person in my life. She makes me so happy and she always knows how to bring out the best in me. She’s my source of inspiration. When I’m with her, I am able to detach from everything else: our lives, sometimes, are a little too frenetic. I hate when she has to work abroad, but, at the same time, I know well how much she deserves a gratifying career. She really has many qualities; I don’t want to be an obstacle. Surely, there’s nothing more beautiful than being together.
Wesley Sneijder


Hi Samy, what's your favorite player actually? Why?

Lionel Messi. I saw him growing as a player, and he has soon become a stellar player. He is definitely a step above everyone else.
Samuel Eto'o


How did you feel when you’ve been nominated African player of the year?

The first time I won the title has been the most exciting. A great joy but also the other times has been a great honour. Seen my family celebrating with me gives me a real sense of pleasure and the motivation to keep going.
Samuel Eto'o


What it is necessary for the success of football in Afrique, in you opinion?

I think we need better infrastructure and more investments on young players. With this, I’m sure, we will become a great place for football.
Samuel Eto'o


How do you spend your free time?

I enjoy the simple things in life. I love spending time with my friends, with my family, exploring new places but also shopping with my wife. Maybe the latter a bit less...ehehe. For the remaining time, I take care of my foundation and my personal business, when I’m not busy with football.
Samuel Eto'o


Why do you decide to create a foundation? Which are its activities? How can we contribute or be part of it?

I decided to create a foundation because through my popularity I could eventually actively help many children in Africa .Through the Foundation we intend to use this factor responsibly and with commitment so that , in this way , we can raise awareness of our society on the needs of a continent like Africa . Our goal is the protection of children and young people , to provide emergency aid to the most disadvantaged , promoting education, basic health and social integration , in order to assist them in the training of future opportunities.
Samuel Eto'o


How will Samuel Eto'o like to be remembered?

I would like people to remember me as a man of integrity who has succeeded in life without having to cheat, and as someone who went after his dreams.
Samuel Eto'o


What is the roughest defender you played against?

The roughest player I’ve played against, first as a teammate and then as an opponent, has definitely be Carles Puyol, Barcellona captain and backbone of the Spain national team. But also Sergio Ramos and Paolo maldini have been quite tough.
Samuel Eto'o


Why are you the most positive player on field what is the secret behind your smile?

I strongly believe in what I do and I know I managed to reach most of the goals I set for myself. Having a positive attitude is part of myself and I can’t really live differently. A smile can open the way to others smile, tears shall be used only when necessary.
Samuel Eto'o


What was the most emotional victory for you?

Copa del Re with Mallorca and my first African Cup with Cameroon. So many emotions linked to special moments.
Samuel Eto'o


Who was the best player you've had in the teams?

I’ve had the luck to play with extraordinary players but I feel I need to mention Iniesta and Xavi. Playing as a midfielder can be a crucial role in a football team and the way they play can absolutely change a game. Especially for a striker, it is a great advantage to play with them in your team.
Samuel Eto'o


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